《Aura & Air》 David Cow Art Show


  • Thu 17-10-2019 to Wed 23-10-2019

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admissions


Cast away the shell of the human form and materiality, and what is left is Aura and Qi/Air, ebbing and flowing with consciousness, running on energy alone. This is the original inspiration behind this collection - the very source of life. From the most surface observations to the deepest layers of thought, I seek the most tangible and most intimate way to describe, to characterize and to twist the smallest details in a story; the greatest pain and tribulations in life; the most indescribable feelings; the most ingrained memories; stroke by stroke of abstractness and reality, on screens and canvases. I feel the world and its feelings, and I tell its stories.

  • Wed 16-10-2019 (Opening7-9pm)


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