Between Dynamic and Static - The Ink and New Media Art of Rebecca Hon


Rebecca Hon
  • Fri 06-12-2019 to Mon 09-12-2019

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


Across many eras in history, ink art has been evolving.  The New Ink movement in the 1960s and 1970s introduced many Western art techniques and ideas to the artform, and even set off a revolution: painting without a brush.   Contemporary art focuses on concepts and innovations, and is influenced by a wide variety of technologies and societal issues, thus extending the possibilities of art.  Now, in the contemporary era, the development of ink art is also facing new challenges and opportunities.


If ink art expresses the essence of traditional Chinese culture and philosophy, then new media have expanded the infinite possibilities of art.  Ink art can show fine technique and detail, while the new media give artists the freedom to transform the work.


With the development of new technology, an active and conversational viewing mode is emerging.  Video and sound effects provide new forms of human communication, so new media art is breaking the old, passive way of art appreciation, and as a medium, digital artworks are bringing the participation and interaction of viewers into the context of contemporary art.  If traditional art works are static, then the new media art is dynamic; if traditional art expression is one-way, then the communication of new media art is two-way.


The “Between Dynamic and Static - The Ink and New Media Art of Rebecca Hon” solo exhibition brings together Chinese ink painting, digital art and installation art.  The use of time and human senses are two important elements, highlighting the “dialogue” of artworks and enhancing viewers’ sense of participation.  Rebecca uses ink, watercolours and animation as her media to conduct new explorations.  She invites you to re-examine and think about the beauty of ink from the perspective of contemporary people, thereby exploring people’s internal thinking, the value of their life, and the stage of life that they’re in.



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