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Hong Kong Writers' Circle

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The Hong Kong International Literary Festival (HKILF)
  • Fri 13-11-2020 6:30 PM - 1 h 30 m

Fringe Underground

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The Hong Kong Writers’ Circle has been supporting English-language creative writing in Hong Kong since 2000.  They offer critique groups, workshops and social events and also publish anthologies of short stories.  At this event, they launch their 2020 edition, Masking the City: Hong Kong in Allegory.
Born when monster-men from the brave country stole nine dragons and one fragrant harbour from the kingdom at the centre of the world, Hong Kong couldn’t avoid allegorical analysis if it bundled itself into a car boot and headed north to assist with public security investigations.  
A long-suffering foster child; an adulterous affair; the plague-towns of Camus and Defoe; an unruly bird with golden eggs.
Whether you stand with it or just serve it with honour, duty and loyalty, Masking the City will show you Hong Kong reflected in the critical light of plausible deniability.  Don’t miss the chance to explore sixteen unique visions not about Hong Kong, but about what Hong Kong is like.
Click here to buy ‘Masking the City: Hong Kong in Allegory’.
Language: English
Age Limit: N/A
Duration: 1h 30m (No intermission)
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