After the Wine - Ella Au Solo Exhibition


Ella Au
  • Wed 20-01-2021 to Sat 23-01-2021

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


The conceptual ideology of this exhibition is to share the enlightenment of art that Ella Au says she has been fortunate enough to experience in her life.  This is a celebration of the monumental role art plays in our lives – it enables us to achieve holism in the anthropological state of our human minds.  In her art journey, Au has explored the three selves: the good me, the bad me and the not me.


The exhibition will feature her series “After the Wine”, consisting of around 20 works from the past decade.  In Europe, she was inspired by innumerable experiences.  At the world-renowned Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris and the Leonardo da Vinci Art School in Florence, she focused her explorations on painting and sculpting. In these lengthy encounters, through the percolation of her interactions with a multitude of energies around her soul, she was able to ferment and enrich her understanding of and perspectives towards art.


An eclectic artist, Ella Au is a Hong Kong-born artist bursting at the seams with artistic charisma.  From very early on she had a strong feeling that her life and work would be intertwined with the exuberant characteristics of art.  Through her personalised style of abstract paintings, her love of modern expressionism is presented in a chaotic yet poetic manner.


The philosophy is simple: tangibility and intangibility can be expressed through art.  Thanks to her encounters with numerous cultures, Au developed an insightful perception of aesthetics, expressing it in subtle diffusion in her paintings.


“Art is a condiment of life.” 
~ Ella Au


Period of Exhibition:
20 January 2021 14:00-19:00
21-22 January 2021     11:00-19:00
23 January 2021 11:00-16:00
The artworks are for sale.
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