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All Good Things Must Come To An End Live

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  • Sat 24-08-2013 10:00 PM - 3 h

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Atomic Bubbles
The world has changed and even the leftists are greedy now. You and I have reached middle age and lovemaking has become unnecessary. A chain of nine stars will fall on 15th August and the members of our band have been holding back for nearly a year, so let’s us play some love songs for you, which should be like honey to your ears, to warm you up deep inside.
Reputed in the ‘analative’ scene, the Atomic Bubbles has been retreated in the STUDIO for long. Our returning is not for the money of seeking carnal pleasure but for you and me to have a glimpse of the superstar.

Band Band
⋯⋯ Hello friends.
⋯⋯ Our group is made up of 1 girl & 4 boys, with members' ages total more than 100 years. Our music is widely known for its speed (快Kuai), neatness (靚Liang), goodness (正Zheng), truthfulness (真Zhen), compassion (善Shan) and beauty (美Mei).
Two of our members are pisces, we intend not to have perfomances too frequently. What's more, we have members who are consistently under the effect of the Jupiter Maha Dasha, we avoid organzing any fanclub, love feast, and the likes.
We are grateful for your kind tolerance, please don't miss the chance to catch us on stage.
Thank you very much!
with love, band band.


A Roller Control

A ROLLER CONTROL = [Alok+Nadim+Seb+Steve] x [bass+voice+beat+synth] x [666]

no website/facebook/youtube


Fantastic Day
An Indie band from Hong Kong, fresh and juicy like a fruit!

Conceived in a chance meeting at a Primal Scream Concert in HK, baptised after a Haircut 100 song, FantasticDay is a local-not-so-local Guitar-pop band, made up of boyish-but-not-exactly-boy members: Dee (vocal, keyboard), Chai Wai (guitar), Simon (drum), Halo (bass) and Sherman (vocal, guitar).

First appeared in the Hong Kong indie scene in 2004, released the "Well Well Well ep" under label "Cloudberry Records" in 2007. 4 years of hibernation and one new member after, the new and improved FantasticDay is ready to rock.


Rachel Believes in Me

Rachel Believes in Me sets the tone for a dark folk uncompromising 3 years in Hong Kong. Sufficiently catchy compositions to attract a large audience without neglecting a rather dark theme. On the occasion of the release of their new album "Sea of Days" there is just one month, the group opens today Kochipan and guitarist / singer who Por rise!


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