Painting exhibition by Sylvia So Mei-lee


Sylvia So Mei-lee
  • Sat 24-07-2021 to Sat 31-07-2021

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free Admission


The famous British Romantic landscape painter J.M.W. Turner said: “It is necessary to mark the greater from the lesser truth: namely the larger and more liberal idea of nature from the comparatively narrow and confined; namely that which addresses itself to the imagination from that which is solely addressed to the eye.”
Through his brushstrokes, Turner conveys his humble awe for the majesty of nature.  He expertly depicts the relationship between light and air, which makes him a respected artist from whom it is worth learning.  I was enthralled by the novelty of the colours and the purity and richness of the light on the canvas.  I am influenced by this mesmerising and thrilling expression, so I approach my process of analysing and creating art with curiosity and humbleness as I see nature and feel many emotions.
I continue to observe the shifting phenomenon of nature, the relationship and uniqueness between stillness and agitation, to fathom and feel the landscape before me.  From vision, through contemplation, one’s own unique space is manifested.  By virtue of the surprising clash between light and dark colours, the link between light and gloom, and the transparent and semi-opaque space that travels asymmetrically through the two-dimensional plane, an unimaginable and nostalgic sight can be presented.
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