【Cancelled】 It’s Just Mime

Exhibition - Mime

Fringe Mime and Movement Laboratory
  • Fri 14-01-2022 8:00 PM - 1 h
  • Sat 15-01-2022 3:00 PM - 1 h
  • Sat 15-01-2022 8:00 PM - 1 h

Fringe Underground

$180 (Adult)
$144 (Fringe Club Member)
$100 (Students/Senior/Disabled)

In Cantonese with little English




Show Cancellation
Due to the latest government restriction imposed under the pandemic situation, “It’s Just Mime” scheduled on 14-15 January (Fri-Sat) at the Underground Theatre has been cancelled. Stay safe and see you all at Fringe soon!
At first – don’t ask why – Joy was born naturally, and those days were so very happy.  Even if you got hurt, you never gave up.  But the world is changing, and like it, we are all changing too, so can you stay true to yourself and never forget the way your mind was at the beginning?  “It’s Just Mime” is a multi-media mime show, created by the members of mime lab.  At the very beginning, our mind was pure.  Now, that purity is something we strive to rediscover deep inside our mind, and mime is not just an imitation, it is a feeling, visual and physical movement, an exploration.
Age Limit: 12+ advisory
Duration: 60 minutes, no intermission
Performer / Production Team:
Producer: Owen Lee
Director: Gaffer Tsui
Deputy Stage Manager: Danny Suen
Cast: Owen Lee, Stephanie Tse, Zoe Cheung, Hadassah Li, Karman Chiu
Lighting Design: Luk Wang-lok
Graphic Design: Karman Chiu
Show Enquiries:
General Enquiries:
2521 7251 / 5616 1233 (WhatsApp)


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