From Dark to Light


Phillip Hui Kim-ho, Franco Anzelmo
  • Tue 22-02-2022 to Sat 26-03-2022

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

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Exhibition period is extended till 26 March
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The “From Dark to Light” exhibition is about two different figurative experiences for hope.
I’m Franco, and I was fortunate enough to meet the artist Phillip Hui.  Despite our different origins, we share the same passion for art, and we both like to use fictional situations to express ideas about people and things in real life.  If we were both musicians, we would be storytellers.  In Phillip’s creations, “Explorers” are exploring new directions in their worlds and heading into the unknown, while in mine, “Travellers” are looking for a peaceful, happy and carefree place to comfort the mind.  In our works, light, shadow and space are the main creative elements, combined with colour and natural elements, and the characters and viewers wander between reality and dreams.
I have always looked for an epic quality in my figures, using different media.   In photography, I love ancient and artisanal techniques, but I believe I have a contemporary sensibility.  My figures come out of the dark, they are made of light, and they are women who bring life.
In sculpture, I am fond of the Italian tradition, in which early-20th-century sculptors such as Greco, Manzù and Marini are the main models to follow.  I have many parallels with them.  For example, Marino Marini became a pilgrim in 1939, just before the great war began.  He was a youthful figure on horseback, on a pilgrimage to a mystical destination, proceeding calmly and with positivity of mind, despite the approaching war.  In Marini’s works, the horse is always the carrier, the supporting structure.
In my pilgrims, I try to keep the same content, but the difference is that the characters proceed on foot towards the middle, and launch a small paper plane as if it were a wish.
“From Dark to Light” is all this, a path and an invitation towards positivity and hope.
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