Drawings by Charles Chau
  • Thu 05-09-2013 to Sat 14-09-2013

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery


216Alan Zie Yongder, the exhibition curator says: "The intention here is not to reproduce what the artist sees, not to search for accuracy of shape and form, but to capture and share the very soul of the mountain. The artist is to be the mountain, and allow the viewer to share just a miniscule chance that he/she too, will feel, smell, touch and absorb the mountain without ever having been there."  


Building phenomenological landscapes through graphite rendering the works take on an unusual scale that realise a physical relationship with the viewer. Equally inspired by classical calligraphy, architecture and high modernist abstraction, Chau’s ambitious project actively inhabits the expressive potential of art making. 


Charles Chau says: "In this new suite of drawings, I hope I have created a modest body of work of intensity and gravity.  I have aimed to convey the solidity and space of the mountain range: the massiveness of peaks that thrust up from the earth’s crust and the welcome emergence of creeks and streams; the space between, wherein we see the horizon."

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