Foreseen Property Agency: Artist duo exhibition by Wong Wing Shan Pat (aka Flyingpig) & Kachi Chan

Exhibition - Exhibition

  • Sat 09-09-2023 to Mon 18-09-2023

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery


In Cantonese and English


Pre-enact the future real estate investment experience: Online Archive + Exhibition + Tour
Hong Kong-based artists Pat Wing Shan Wong (aka Flyingpig) and Kachi Chan proudly present a programme, Foreseen Property Agency, to explore a future communal practice of community conservation. Supported by the Project Grant of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Design Trust Seed Grant, the programme encompasses exhibition, digital archiving, virtual 3D modelling, participatory commercial activities and workshops. The artists’ newly commissioned works will be showcased in the exhibition, curated by the independent curator, Doris Poon, while the collaborators’ articles and short documentaries on local traditional small businesses will be included in the online archive.
Opening: 2023.09.08 Fri 6pm – 9pm
Exhibition: 2023.09.09 Sat – 2023.09.18 Tue 12pm – 7pm

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