Chak at Fringe 2023

Exhibition - Exhibition

  • Fri 01-12-2023 to Sat 30-12-2023

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

In Cantonese and English


Doodling always plays an important role in the life journey of Chak, whether it is a childhood ‘sandbox’ or a grown-up escapism.


During his university years in the 70s, he ran into a pivotal question of how Chinese art could move forward, and from that, how Hong Kong artists should present themselves to the world. The burden suffocated him, tightened its grip over him, and to this day, still occasionally haunts him.


Over the years, he has been pondering the meaning of nature and life. Situating himself in the wilderness, woods, and waters, viewing the scenery in front of him, it suddenly hits him that he is also a part of it.


Departing from the preliminary stage of imitating the physical realm, he moved on to the metaphysical. His aim now stands strong and clear: to simulate the essence of hills, trees, and sky. Thus, the work presented are pictorial actualisation of his ‘electrocardiogram’.

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