The Birthmark Behind The Ears

Exhibition - Drama

Kwang Hwa Infomation and Culture Center (Short One Player Theater)
  • Thu 14-11-2013 7:30 PM - 1 h 30 m
  • Fri 15-11-2013 7:30 PM - 1 h 30 m
  • Sat 16-11-2013 7:30 PM - 1 h 30 m

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre


In Mandarin




A semi-autobiographical solo show; the epic tale of an overseas immigrant family.  On first sight, it might seem like the story of a family’s history, but questions of “Who I am” and “Where I am” lie hidden beneath the surface.  Leading character Marley Ho transforms into a river and invites every member of her family and everyone who grows up in the neighbourhood to step into the river.  She urges people to consider where they came from, so that they can start afresh at any time, without burdens.

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