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How to Read the Air! Meet Dinaw Mengestu (HK International Literary Festival 2013)

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Dinaw Mengestu, Akin Jeje
  • Sat 02-11-2013 1:30 PM - 1 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

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“Remarkably talented” Ethiopian American author Dinaw Mengestu has earned a mantel of awards and distinctions such as a place on the 2010 New Yorker’s coveted list of ’20 under 40’ with his outstanding debut and follow-up novels.  Children of the Revolution and How to Read the Air are two fictional accounts of displacement and identity experienced by immigrants. He speaks to Akin Jeje about his two books, and together cuts into African Writing and authenticity.

On How to Read the Air

“A straight-forward, compassionate, keenly sensitive observer of real life” – The Guardian


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