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All in my Backyard: Explore the Pearl River Delta (HK International Literary Festival 2013)

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Thomos Bird, Harvey Thomlinson
  • Wed 06-11-2013 7:00 PM - 1 h

Fringe Club

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The integration of Hong Kong and the cities of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) is a planning priority but the PRD area remains mysterious to many Hong Kong people.  Now a new guidebook, Hong Kong’s Back Yard: A Guide to the Pearl River Delta aims to help us discover the diverse world on our doorstep. Join Hong Kong’s Back Yard author, Thomas Bird, and publisher Harvey Thomlinson, for a multimedia introduction to some of the hidden gems introduced by the book: from surfer beaches, to artists’ villages, Ming dynasty fortresses to ancestral temples, hiking trails to archipelagos of hidden islands, and much more. 

Meanwhile the panelists will also encourage a discussion of how to strengthen not merely economic but also cultural ties between Hong Kong and the PRD.  Talk with slides and video.  A ‘must-attend’ event for history and travel buffs.


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