“Experience Macau” Art Exhibition


Macau Government Tourist Office
  • Tue 08-04-2014 to Mon 14-04-2014

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery


Macau Creations

Macau Creations works closely with over 30 local artists, who form a diverse and professional creative team. They are a group of enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for outstanding artworks imbued with Macau flavours.  The artists have set their hearts on sharing their artworks with the world.


Mr. António Leong

It was around 2010 when António began to get more serious about photography — he started riding his motorbike and strolling along the streets and alleys of Macau.  Now, he carries his camera everywhere so that he can take pictures whenever inspiration strikes.  He captures images of everything that fascinates him, from well-known UNESCO heritage sites to the less-explored streets, from people in the neighbourhood to kittens playing in back alleys.  This has fuelled his passion for street photography and improved his technique.


Macau has a fascinating 400-year history of blending cultures, and UNESCO has recognised “The Historic Centre of Macau” as a world heritage site.  And over the past 10 years, Macau has become Asia’s newest and most exciting tourist destination, thanks to the rapid and unprecedented growth in its tourism infrastructure and services.


In recent years, Macau has devoted significant resources to promoting its diversified tourism developments and its vibrant culture, with the aim of building its reputation as a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure. 


To highlight the cultural and creative industries in Macau and to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Macau SAR, the Macau Government Tourist Office therefore presents the “Experience Macau” Art Exhibition.


The exhibition is divided into four zones:


1.    “Glorious Macau 15 Years” features images showing the development of Macau’s infrastructure, and showcasing many of Macau’s events and festivals over the past 15 years.

2a. “Creative and Art Graffiti” includes works painted by a group of local artists from Macau Creations.

2b. “Vibrant Colors of Macau” features photographs of Macau cityscapes taken by Macanese photographer Mr. António Leong.

3.     “Paint a Piece of World Heritage” showcases the winning artworks by Hong Kong secondary-school students who entered the Macau World Heritage Drawing Competition. 

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