Slightly Out Of Tune by Elaine Liu


Fringe Club&Elaine Liu
  • Mon 12-05-2014 to Sun 18-05-2014

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This photographic series of local jazz musicians began in the year of 1999 and is a ongoing project. As part of this musical family, with much joy, I fell in love with each and every character. I, as a photographer, cannot help but see the beauty, strength, bonds and often comical facets on and off the stage. Each of the subjects is cast in a highly personal and often surprising light to reflect the ever changing nature of their inner most expressions to me.

The Artist

Elaine Liu describes herself as a “photographer by day, a jazz singer and bass player at night.” She believe the two art-forms are creative impulse.

Elaine works with the territory’s leading jazz musicians and is well known for her performances as vocalist for Hong Kong’s renowned big band, the Saturday Night Jazz Orchestra. She is also the first vocalist in Hong Kong who performed with the legendary Duke Ellington Orchestra in 2110.

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