Can you TELL ME?


christopher Doyle & Zheng Ji Ling
  • Wed 14-05-2014 to Mon 19-05-2014

Nove at the Fringe

Free admission


Christopher Doyle

An internationally celebrated cinematographer and film director.  His feature films, “Ashes of Time” and “In the Mood for Love”, have won awards at several prestigious film festivals, including the Venice International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival.

Zheng Ji Ling

A young artist in China, Zheng is both an actress and a poet, and her poetry is always gracefully and exuberantly written.  Her prose poem collection, “Chronicles of a Madman”, was highly reputed.  The publisher described it as “A work that sets off the path to fantasy prose in China”, while famous businessman May Zuo paid this compliment: “Both the book and Zheng Ji Ling are the cornerstone and pioneer of fantasy writing.”

“Can you TELL ME?” is a joint exhibition and performance by Christopher Doyle and Zheng Ji Ling.

In this surreal production, Christopher Doyle’s unique and romantic photographic language is intertwined with the dreamy poetry of Zheng Ji Ling.

Photography and poetry merge beautifully as one, sublimating into a broader and deeper arts space, and exploring a brand-new artistic language.  Together, the two artists create a spark and will undoubtedly lead to a transcendence of spirit.  Whether in the past or the present, it stretches the boundaries of the arts by blending two artforms, photography and poetry.

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