Hyperchoreography―An interactive installation between dance and technology


City Contemporary Dance Company
  • Fri 05-09-2014 to Wed 17-09-2014

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Hyperchoreography is a six-screen interactive video installation. You can activate and control the video of the six dancers in the work with your own body movements. You can become a dancer or even a choreographer of the work, experiencing the limitless joy of dancing and dance-making. Hyperchoreography is an exciting and thought-provoking experience that gives you an insight into the art of choreography and screendance.

Hyperchoreography is a new installation conceived by screendance artists Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson from the award-winning Scottish independent production company Goat. The art-work has been created in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Tibetan choreographer Sang Jijia, the veteran music producer Dickson Dee, six outstanding dancers and local creative, LazyAnt.


Creative Team:

Concept and Direction:           Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson

Choreography:                       Sang Jijia

Composer:                              Dickson Dee

Interactive Design:                  LazyAnt

Cinematography:                     Lai Wing-cheong

Set Design:                             Leecat Ho

Producer:                                Raymond Wong

Guest Performers:                   Huen Tin-yeung, Li Yong Jing, Nguyen Ngoc Anh, Wu Cheng Fang, Gigi Yang, Yang Hao


About Simon Fildes, Katrina McPherson and Goat Media Ltd

Goat is a small independent production company specialising in multidisciplinary arts projects, documentary film and dance on screen. It is a vehicle for the multi award-winning creative team of Katrina McPherson (choreographer/director/producer) and Simon Fildes (editor/visual artist/producer). Fildes and McPherson are acknowledged internationally as seminal screendance artists and teachers who have continuously pushed the boundaries of the form. Katrina has written a step-by-step guide to making dance on screen for students, published by Routledge “Making Video Dance”.



About Sang Jijia

Sang Jijia is considered to be one of top contemporary choreographers in China. From 1999 to 2002, Sang was a CCDC dancer. In 2002, he was chosen for Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiatives, where he studied with William Forsythe and worked with the Forsythe Company until 2006. Sang was the Resident Artist of Beijing Dance/LDTX and Guangdong Modern Dance Company. He regularly choreographs for international dance companies.



About Dickson Dee

Renowned music producer and a key figure in experimental music in Hong Kong, Dickson Dee has been active in music composition and promotion for more than 25 years. He works in many musical styles, including the avant-garde and experimental, industrial and noise, electronic, neo-classical, dance and electronic world jazz. He has collaborated with many famous musicians and performed around Europe and Asia.


About LazyAnt

Co-founded by Christopher Lee and William Wong, LazyAnt is a company of creative talents devoted to designing user experiences, with a strong focus in emerging technology. LazyAnt, as both thinker and doer, carefully examines how one behaves and interacts with the environment to deliver immersive and memorable experiences through innovative methods.


Opening Hours

5 - 16 Sept     12nn - 10pm

17 Sept          12nn - 6pm

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