As Above So Below - Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Art


Fringe Club&Lucie Chang Fine Arts
  • Wed 01-10-2014 to Sat 11-10-2014

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Lucie Chang Fine Arts and The Fringe Club are proud to present "As Above So Below: Exhibition of Contemporary Ink Art," featuring the works by 13 contemporary artists from China – A Hai, Chen Wenling, Qiu Zhijie, Tai Xiangzhou and Zhang Yirong; Korea – Hong Ji Yoon; Hong Kong – Halley Cheng, Chau Shik Hung, Kwok Mang Ho (Frog King), Tsang Chui Mei, Wong Sau Ching and Wong Shun Kit; and Macau - Peggy Chan Pui Leng.

 The most representative art form of ancient cosmology and literati’s theory of time and space, Chinese ink painting has re-emerged as a contemporary artform, with embodiment of the experience and aesthetics of modern society. 

 The philosophy of the relationship between man and nature has long been intriguing since ancient China. Our ancestors had concluded that man is primordially centred in the the universe with heaven above and earth below. Man hence experiences a paradoxical state of being the primal life form, as well as an insignificant being in the universe, in an attempt to position ourselves among the subjective yet objective universe. The exhibiting artists express their own experience in aesthetics, semiotics, worldview and philosophy, answering these questions relating to time and space.

Opening Reception: 1Oct 5pm

1-12 October 2014, 10am  to 10pm

Curators: Benny Chia & Lucie Chang

Participating Artists:

KOREA: Hong Ji Yoon

CHINA: A hai, Chen Wen Ling, Qiu Zhi Jie, Tai Xiang Zhou, Zhang Yi Rong

HONG KONG: Cheng Halley, Chan Pui Leng Peggy, Chau Shik Hung,

Kwok Mang Ho (a.k.a. Frog King ), Tsang Chui Mei, Wong Sau Ching, Wong Shun Kit

Media Enquiry: Ms Chen 852 2525 4416


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