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Adam Tanner: The World of Big Data

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Hong Kong International Literary Festival
  • Sat 08-11-2014 2:00 PM - 1 h

The Jockey Club Studio Theatre

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Caesar’s Palace is a world-renowned Las Vegas casino, often featured by Hollywood as the apotheosis of gambling. The Palace is not as well-known for its data-collection operation—but it should be. In this disturbing new book, What Stays in Vegas, Adam Tanner, a fellow at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, discovers the ways that international businesses collect, store, and use our personal information for their own purposes. What is the future of privacy in the digital age, and can we reclaim our secrets?


Interested in digital privacy? Don’t miss “Escape to Hong Kong,” a talk with Luke Harding about his new book on Edward Snowden, on Monday 3 November at The Fringe Club.


Author Bio:

Adam Tanner is a fellow at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS). He chronicles the entrepreneurs and customers behind the multi-billion dollar business of personal data. He combines the insights of academia with the techniques of investigative reporting as a foreign correspondent. His book What Stays in Vegas: The World of Personal Data – Lifeblood
of Big Business – and the End of Privacy as We Know It
, was published in September. Tanner has worked for Reuters news agency. He has overseen Northern California, Silicon Valley, and parts of the American West before serving as Bureau Chief for the Balkans and San Francisco. He was part of the Reuters team cited in 2012 as a Pulitzer finalist in international reporting. He has appeared on the BBC and National Public Radio, and writes for Forbes, Worth and other magazines.


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