BHA 15 for 15+ Architecture Exhibition


BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors Ltd.
  • Mon 08-12-2014 to Mon 05-01-2015

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery


BARRIE HO Architecture Interiors (BHA), founded in 1999 by Mr. Barrie Ho MH, is a Registered Practice in the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and in the Association of Architectural Practices (AAP List), as well as in the Band 3 Architectural Consultant List (HKIA List)(AAP List) of the HKSAR Architectural Services Department, and an Institutional Member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council.

BHA is a proud winner of the Asia Pacific Property Awards (Architectural Category) 2013 & 2014, Hong Kong Institute of Architects Cross-Strait Architectural Design Awards 2013, HKSAR Quality Building Awards 2012 (Finalist) & 2010 (Merit), Dubai Cityscape Architectural Awards 2008, accumulating over 120 International Prestigious Awards from Dubai, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, and other regions in the Asia Pacific.The exhibition exhibits 15 latest Architectural Projects in the region to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of BARRIE HO Architecture.

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