Pepe's World of Cats and Friends


Something about Cats
  • Mon 01-12-2014 to Sat 13-12-2014

Fringe Vault

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Personification of cats?  Catification of people?

Cats and Friends from Japan.

Cat lovers may already know about Pepe Shimada.

Pepe, from Fukuoka, Japan, is a painter, poet, musician, cat lover and traveler. Pepe’s paintings, writings and music swept the cultural, music and cat-lovers arenas in Taiwan and created a great sensation.  The bright colours in his paintings are filled with personified cats, and “catified” persons, and sometimes elephants, polar bears, pandas and dogs.  Each painting bears magical therapeutic powers and touches its readers deeply in resonance.

Pepe has exhibited his works widely in Taiwan.  In 2013, he published his first book “Pepe-san’s cat life” and also released first CD “Cat Music”.  Pepe’s second book “Meeting 100% of cats: interviews by Pepe-san” was released in 2014.  His writings are filled with the small philosophies of life, expressing his sensibility and his care of the environment.  Pepe also loves to play his ukulele and sing for his audience, bringing warmth with his light music.

This December, Pepe’s will be exhibiting for the first time in Hong Kong.  Many of the paintings in this exhibition are created specially for Hong Kong.  Come and explore Pepe’s world.

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