Alternative Pop, Hard Rock

Open Stage: Rock Show @ Fringe

LiveMusic - Alternative Pop, Hard Rock

Hong Kong Fringe Club
  • Sat 10-01-2015 9:30 PM - 1 h 45 m

Fringe Dairy

Free admission


The Fringe Club is committed to helping artists get started and develop their skills, and also to creating an environment where people can enjoy and appreciate the arts.  So we aim to provide opportunities and a platform for young artists to showcase their talent and skills, and also to invite the public to learn about the daily operations of the Fringe Club and enjoy a memorable LIVE experience!

The first Open Stage event is a rock show at the Fringe Dairy, featuring two talented new rock bands: Bamboo Star and Mr. Rocket Head.


Bamboo Star is the latest chapter in Hong Kong hard-rock music. Described as “classic rock with a contemporary edge, and a possible hint of J-Rock”.  The founding members, lead singer Wolf Red and guitarist Terrish, chose the name Bamboo Star (phonetically “Jook Sing” in Cantonese), which refers to Chinese people with Western backgrounds.  The four-man band’s powerful, high-pitched and layered vocal harmonies, combined with blistering, blues-driven guitar solos, are reminiscent of the classic rock style we know and love, but Bamboo Star adds a modern sound and twist.

The band has quite a following on the Hong Kong live music scene, and has attracted the attention of various visual artists, who’ve partnered with Bamboo Star on the production of four original music videos.  They’ve performed at the Underground FANZONE Festival at the Central Harbourfront, the Music Matters Live Festival in Singapore, and ChengDu’s in Lan Kwai Fong.

Their first EP will be released soon.


Mr. Rocket Head was formed in 2012, with Kelvin on vocals, Hei on guitar, Jon on bass and Raven on drums.  Their music is a mixture of Rock, Pop and Funk, with beautiful melody lines and well-constructed Cantonese lyrics.  These four big boys want to be like a rocket head, flying up high, spreading their music and sharing the beauty of Cantonese around the world.


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