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PAINTING with LIGHT – A Central without People

He started this current project in 2011, and says he’s been doing it “just for fun”.  He comments: “Maybe these images are ‘reflections of my life’ that are taking me back to my long-ago home.  Or maybe it’s a question about whether this city is indeed an emptyscape.”

Currently a freelance photographer, John Choy was born in Hong Kong in 1966.

He worked as a photographer for a series of local newspapers and magazines, as well as Information Services Department from 1989 to 2001

Choy is obsessed with the ‘unseen landscapes’ in the city, and documenting these by using experimental new techniques and forms of expression. He took part in group exhibitions including “Imaging Hong Kong: Contemporary Photography Exhibition” (2008), “Light and Shade: Life Passé in Old Estates Photo and Video Exhibition” (2009), “China Lianzhou International Photo Festival” (2009), "City Flâneur: Social Doentary Photography" Exhibition (2010), “Just another exercise” solo exhibition (2010), Dali International photo Festival (2010),  “ Roads . Light “ solo exhibition ( 2011), " Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate " for RUN RUN SHAW CREATIVE MEDIA CENTRE GRAND OPENING FESTIVAL ( 2011), and “ painting with light, a Central without people” at the Fringe Club Hong Kong (2013), Dances with the green...An Exhibition on the northeastern New Territories (2014) and This Slow That Fast: Animamix Biennale 2013-14

Choy published a photography catalogue naming Hong Kong Photographers: John Choy in 2005 and Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate in 2010.



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