Photographic Artist Daphne Alexis Ho First Solo Photography Exhibition “The Meditative Space”


  • Fri 27-02-2015 to Thu 12-03-2015

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

free admission



The Meditative Space – through the eyes of Japanese Zen aesthetics

“Beauty lies in its own vanishing…” D.T. Suzuki

As a practising photographic artist, Daphne seeks to manifest Zen aesthetics and ultimately create a meditative space. Zen aesthetics is difficult to comprehend as it concerns with process rather than product. The grasp is often intuitive and perceptive rather than logical and rational. It is best understood through a net of associations such as asymmetry, simplicity, naturalness, freedom from attachment, sublime austerity, profound subtlety, tranquility; as well as the ideals of wabi and sabi, etc.

The Meditative Space is based on the Japanese spatial concept; the notion of MA of which space is viewed both pictorially and experientially; the juxtaposition of form and non-form. Photography shares similar characteristics of transience and impermanence, which are essential to an understanding of Zen. In photography, the “original object will only exist in a specific place and in a limited time frame; in a fragment of space and a transient moment, they are all destined to disappear.”

In this series of The Meditative Space, Daphne is creating images that fill with a play of light and shadow, similar to the nature of photography itself. It is her intention to use a lens-based practice to address the multi-dimensionality of space under the criteria of Japanese Zen aesthetics.

Daphne is currently a candidate of Doctor of Philosophy at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.




Current Doctor of Philosophy (Fine Art), RMIT, Australia

2013 Master of Fine Art, RMIT, Australia

2010 Bachelor of Fine Art, RMIT, Australia

1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Western Ontario, Canada


Selected Exhibitions

2010 Transience • Vicissitudes Art Exhibition, Atelier MagsBeaud, Wah Luen Industrial Centre, Fo Tan

2011 “the 65th第六十五卦", Cattle Depot Artist Village

2011 “Footnote” – The Graduation Show of RMIT (Fine Art), Hong Kong Art Centre

2011 New Trend 2011, Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artist Village

2011 Fine Art Asia 2011, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

2011 Hong Kong Photo Festival Flare – Hong Kong Young Artists’ Exhibition, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

2012 “The Piece” – Alumni Exhibition, Hong Kong Art School

2012 Zonta Art Exhibition, Rotunda, Exchange Square

2012 Penpals – Post Conversation”, School of Art Galleries, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

2013 OCTET - The Master of Fine Art Graduation Show of RMIT, Hong Kong Art Centre

2013 HKID – Chinese Museum, Melbourne, Australia

2013 RMIT DSC Alumni exhibition, RMIT Design Hub, South Korea

2015 The Meditative Space – Solo Exhibition, Anita Chan Lai Ling Gallery at The Fringe, Hong Kong

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