Double Vision


Fringe Club&Lucie Chang Fine Arts
  • Thu 12-03-2015 to Sun 22-03-2015

Fringe Underground

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Fringe Club and Lucie Chang Fine Arts present the joint exhibition - “Double Vision: Yang Kai and Lau Hok Shing Hanison”, a wonderful visual interplay of ink, sculpture and space installation.

The Chinese saying of ‘There are skies above skies, and mountains beyond mountains’ is a statement of modesty as it is of sorrow, proclaiming the vastness of the universe and all its possibilities that our limited minds cannot truly understand. Both trained in western art school, Yang and Lau later returned to their cultural roots and have since been articulating the aesthetics and qualities of traditional Chinese art in the context of contemporary art discourse.

In Yang Kai’s Twenty-four Scenes of Beihai, contemporary ink, sculpture and space installation are mixed to capture the essence of traditional Chinese culture that is encapsulated in the art of bonsai. In creating the scenes, Yang first painted a foundation of ink on paper, to which an overlay of round acrylic plate of ink painting was applied; finally, light was projected onto the composite surface to illuminate the feathered, shaded third layer of images. The work represents a process of breaking, reconstructing and creating anew the understanding that the artist has had of the past, present and future. A keen lover of Chinese literary classics, Hanison Lau makes 3D narrative sculptures to tell stories of his innermost thoughts. Art is an endless journey and an artist is a lifelong traveller who ascends one summit after the next on an eternal search. In his series of wooden mountain sculptures, Lau created his own Chinese landscape by employing materials in replace of the ancient medium of Chinese ink. Envisioned in the image of his ideal world, the work interacts with its immediate environment to unleash a torrent of contemplative thoughts.

Vernissage: 6 p.m, 11 March, 2015

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