Solo Exhibition “The Hong Kong Collection”


  • Wed 18-03-2015 to Tue 24-03-2015

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


The artworks shown in “Hong Kong Collection” do not only reflect Hong Kong Scenes, Cityscapes and its people, but also other motives that were inspired by the vibe and energy of this vibrant city.

Color is the important factor of all the artworks! It stands for powerful emotions Hong Kong generates in people.

Everyone can feel at some time the flow of this powerful energy, which can be tiring but is never boring.

Just as in my paintings, Hong Kong is a “high contrast” city, with many layers.

Many cultures come together and, as I have observed, are either going strong into the materialistic business “overdrive” or start a spiritual, mind opening new journey,- possibly, both at some time.

For all the shown paintings I put a strong base color on the canvas first. When I paint the actual picture, I let this color always partly shine through. This is to show the concept of the ‘true colors” always being present in human beings and objects made and built by them.   

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