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The Fringe Branch of the Hong Kong Philosophy Cafe was established in October of 2000 with the goal of holding regularly scheduled discussions (in English) on serious, mainstream philosophical topics.

Meetings begin with a designated participant introducing a particular approach to dealing with the announced topic. After others have a chance to ask questions and/or give feedback to the introducer, a substantial block of time is devoted to small group discussions, with participants being encouraged to migrate between groups at will. Ideas raised during small group discussions are then shared in a concluding plenary session.

Moderated by: Steve Palmquist


Tue 12 May 2015

Topic: "The Demarcation Problem: How to tell science from bunk"

Introduced by: David Young


Tue 9 June 2015

Topic: "What is worship, and does it fulfil an authentic human need?"

Introduced by: Paul Stables


Tue 14 July 2015

Topic: "The sun in small change: An introduction to pre-Socratic philosophers"

Introduced by: Andrew Buchanan


Tue 11 August 2015

Topic: "Can human interactions be ethical without appealing to universal concepts of justice and morality? A defense of Karl Marx"

Introduced by: Brandon Love


Tue 8 September 2015

Topic: "Does business need to be ethical?"*

Introduced by: David Bevan

* David writes: 
What is "business ethics"? Can it be dismissed as an oxymoron, a category error, or an empty set? Enlightenment philosophy, religion(s), the law, neo-classical economics, strategy, risk management, and global marketing each has something to contribute to this richly nuanced term. Drawing on experience in teaching business ethics at the Centre for Leadership and Responsibility (CEIBS, Shanghai), and as Senior Fellow at the Institute of Professional and Business Ethics (DePaul, Chicago), I aim to introduce this topic as the basis for a critical assessment of what might also be called the "morality of the market." Recommended reading: Milton Friedman's New York Times article (13/09/70), "The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits": 


Tue 13 October 2015

Topic: "Anthropocentric environmentalism is preferable to deep ecology: A debate over the role of instrumental reason and sentiment in ecology"

Defending anthropocentric environmentalism: Paul Stables

Defending deep ecology: Guy Lown


Tue 10 November 2015

Topic: "Where is Art? Exploring the distinction between Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics to help locate our experiences of art"

Introducer: Jonathan Johnson


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest a topic and/or to introduce a future meeting. 

For up-to-date information on this and other HKPC branches, or to discuss this meeting's topic online, after it occurs, visit the HKPC's Facebook page at:  

Organizer: Steve Palmquist or 34117289
Adviser: Paul Stables

Discussion will be conducted in English. 

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