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Fringe Club presents: Open Stage

LiveMusic - Classic Rock, Pop Rock

Carseat, Revolution
  • Fri 31-07-2015 9:30 PM - 1 h

Fringe Dairy

Free admission


[NOTICE: Due to personal reason, REVOLUTION will not be able to perform on 31 July 2015. Thanks for your attention.]


The Fringe Club is committed to helping artists get started and develop their skills, and also to creating an environment where people can enjoy and appreciate the arts.  So we aim to provide opportunities and a platform for young artists to showcase their talent and skills, and also to invite the public to learn about the daily operations of the Fringe Club and enjoy a memorable LIVE experience!


Carseat is an indie rock band based in Hong Kong. With loads of enthusiasm and a passion for music, Rockman Ling, Stephen Yiu and Jack Lai founded Carseat in the summer of 2003.  Carseat has produced more than 40 songs, and has performed in various band shows locally and in mainland China. Their music is probably best described as pop-rock, but it’s constantly growing and evolving, influenced by many different styles of music.  If the band-members believe in just one thing, it’s alcohol.

CY (vocals), Stephen (lead guitar), Rockman (guitar, backing vocals), Keith (bass, backing vocals), Jay (keyboards), Kurt (drums), Jack (drums)



Revolution are formed in the city of Dongguan from four guys with different musical experiences.

The four have in common the passion for music and a great desire to play live, at the begin contact the various locals club which give space to some evenings gigs. The high-impact sound and the songs chosen by the band make it that every live event called the operators of important local evenings. The band extends the evenings among Dongguan, Guangzhou,Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The sound of the band is mainly oriented rock, but have a pop ballads and they explore Chinese Pop song.

Every Revolution member have varied musical experiences in their country of origin, where they played for several music show and collected some small success.

Andrea Rossi (Andy) (vocals), Francesco Chelini (Frank) (guitars), Vittorio Figini (Vitto) (bass), Marcus Hemopo (Braghetta) (drums)

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