Ghost Walk: The Return


  • Sat 29-08-2015 to Wed 02-09-2015

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Some of them … have come together because of their personal encounters with ghosts. They have shared their stories in Cattle Depot and Fringe Club before.

Some of them … attempt to go beyond the boundary of verbal language in their sharing.

Some of them … have found the historical trial in different ghost stories and attempt to put all the forgotten pieces together for time travel. 

Some of them … attempt to analyse and understand the intervention of different supernatural energy in our daily lives, and try to invite this force to collaborate in arts.

All of them … know very well that, on July 14th in the Lunar Calendar, the gate of ghost will be wide open, and would like to invite you to a walk in Sheung Wan together.

1. Ghost Walk : Out of the body
Time: 27 August, 2015 (Thur) (14 July in Lunar Calendar), 8:00-9:30pm
Site: around Po Hing Fong, Wa Ning Lane and Tai Ping Shan Street in Sheung Wan, HK
Content: live happening events, with on-site installations and performances

2. Ghost Walk: The Possession
Time: 27 August, 2015 (Thur) 10:30-12:30pm
Site: Fringe Club, Central, HK
Content: Sharing of ghost stories and experiences in the happening

3. Ghost Walk: The Return
Time: 29 August – 2 September, 2015
Site: Fringe Club Gallery, Central, HK
Content: An exhibition of the documentation about live events and artworks from “Out of the Body” 

Participating artists:
CHAN Ching Man, Hanison LAU, Gum CHENG, Vinci MOK, Peggy CHAN, Clara CHEUNG, LO Lai Lai, TSE Chun Sing, Kacey WONG, YU Pui Shan, Galen TSE, Joephy WONG, Chole PAU, SO Wing Po, LAW Man Lok

*Part of the contents may cause emotional upset please pay attention!

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