Here I Am

Exhibition - Dance

HK Evangelical Dancing
  • Fri 25-01-2013 7:45 PM - 1 h 19 m
  • Sat 26-01-2013 2:45 PM - 1 h 19 m
  • Sat 26-01-2013 7:45 PM - 1 h 19 m

Fringe Underground

$100; $80 (M); $70 (S,SC,D)

In Cantonese




A modern dance show comprising three works, “Here”, “I” and “Am”, that aim to show how the members of the group reflect on their faith and the challenges they face at different phases of their lives.  A spokesperson said: “This show is a gift that we hope will encourage one of our members, who is suffering from a hereditary illness that is likely to lead to total blindness.  We would like to walk with her and all of you, through the artform of dance, with blessings from the Lord.”

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