Bubble Instants: Catkaling's Exhibition of Award-Winning Bubble Photos


  • Mon 09-11-2015 to Wed 02-12-2015

Anita Chan Lai-ling Gallery

Free admission


Visibly invisible, bubbles flutter about. In their dreamy spectrum of colours, images come into view: a very wise fellow with a flabby belly, a holy elephant and a Chinese Goddess… In the blink of an eye, POOF – all the bubbles are gone!

This is an exhibition of Catkaling's one-shot bubble photos, featuring two award-winning photo-poems, 'Bubble Instants' and 'Brushstrokes'. Let’s think of the life of a bubble. Let’s think of the bubble-like instants in our lives!


A passionate mountaineer, Catkaling has conquered Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa, and Mt Elbrus, the highest in Europe. The same courage drove her into the realm of creative photography.

Catkaling has a special way with both photography and the written word. Poetry seems to suffuse her images, and her words seem to paint whole pictures. Together, they blend into something wondrously new and evocative.

Awards & Honours

The originality of Catkaling's works has been recognized both locally and internationally with several prizes and grants. Comments from prestigious international juries on these series of works include: 'Extremely imaginative, excellent creative seeing, evident visual and technical skills' by the Distinctions Panel of the Royal Photographic Society, and 'good technical execution' by jury of International Photography Awards, Los Angeles, United States.

2015 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Literary Grant: $23700, with the book 'Bubble Instants'

2015 Royal Photographic Society, Britain: Associateship (Pictorial), with the series 'Bubble Instants'

2015 Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria: 48 images from ‘Bubble Instants’ selected as salon photos

2015 International Photography Awards (IPA), Los Angeles, US: Honorable Mention, with the series 'Brushstrokes'

2014 Hong Kong Photo Book Awards: Second Runner-up, with the photo book 'Bubble Instants'

2014 Royal Photographic Society, Britain: Associateship (Creative), with the series 'Simple Happiness in Asian Villages'

2011 Hong Kong Arts Development Council Literary Grant $23000, with the book 'A Cup of Chinese Wisdom''


Catkaling Photography: www.catkaling.photography

DC Fever - Interview with Catkaling: http://www.dcfever.com/olympus/readnews.php?id=14260

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1675978649280611

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