Pepe’s Cat Art Festival


Something about Cats
  • Mon 30-11-2015 to Sat 12-12-2015

Fringe Vault

Free Admission



Pepe’s Cat Art Festival

Painting Exhibition by Pepe Shimada


Monday 2015.11.30 to Saturday 2015.12.12

Fringe Vault

Free Admission


Pepe Shimada, celebrated painter, poet, musician, cat lover and traveler from Fukuoka Japan, is coming back to the Fringe Club with his cats and friends to meet his fans to celebrate Pepe’s Cat Art Festival and introduce Pepe San’s new songs!

Don’t miss out on Pepe’s Cat Art Festival Mini Concert at the Fringe Vault on December 4 at 7.30pm.




Pepe Shimada – painter, poet, musician, cat lover, traveler from Fukuoka Japan.  Pepe-san, as he is often called, has been a teacher for children with special needs.  His paintings are bright and colourful and often feature cats in personification, or humans in “cat-sonification”, with an occasional polar bear, panda, elephant, dog or other animals.  Each of his paintings bears magical appealing and therapeutic power.

Pepe-san’s paintings were first debuted in Taipei in 2012.  The cats he painted quickly won over cat lovers’ hearts.  Pepe-san then continued with exhibitions of his works throughout Taiwan.  His works quickly become cat lovers’ favourite collection.  Apart from being “lovable” and “interesting”, Pepe-san’s paintings are filled with his thoughts and experience in life.  The cats and other animal-friends in his paintings could be you, could be me or could be Pepe-san himself - we can all be the subject of his paintings.

In the spring of 2013, Pepe-san released his first music CD “Cat Play” in Taiwan.  The CD was produced with award-winning music talents and each song comes with a painting by Pepe-san.  His music is light, but filled with warm emotions.  Pepe-san also loves to play live performance for his fans.  His second CD will be released at the 2015 exhibition at the Fringe.

Pepe-san’s first book of poems was published in mid-2013 in Taiwan.  His second book about interviews with 100 cats was published in the subsequent year.  His writings are filled with his philosophies of life, showing you his sensitivity and care towards the environment and to cats.  His new book will be released early 2016.

In just a short span of two years, Pepe-san’s work has reached readers, cat-lovers, art and music lovers.  In late 2014, Pepe-san made his debut exhibition in Hong Kong.  In 2015, Pepe-san’s works will be seen in Tokyo, Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Hong Kong.

In Pepe’s works, be it painting, poetry, writing, music or lyrics – you can find that his personality is just like his works – gentle, easy, full of positive encouragement.  And these are the precious qualities that bring viewers, audience and readers of his works through a journey of soul-cleansing.


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