Zhaoze <1911> Live in Hong Kong

LiveMusic - Post-Rock

  • Thu 31-01-2013 8:30 PM - 2 h

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Hz: Guqin / Jim: Guitar / Roy: Bass / Sean: Drums

1911 is Zhaoze's second Guqin based, post-rock album released in 2011. The whole album consist of one song only, in which is adapted from the presentation and arrangement of traditional symphony. 
The song itself has four parts and they added up to an hour or so in length. It is untitled and chaptered, a reflection of a poetic approach blended with the settings of Chinese novels.

CangLangXing, Zhaoze's first album, is an in-depth rearrangement of Chinese ancient Guqin music combined with post-rock . With 1911, they took a huge leap and challenge ---- to break through and into the terrain of Western Classical music.

Guqin is the major instrument in Zhaoze, binding the band with it's signature bleak and desolated atmosphere. And together with a strong three-piece rock band, skillfully crafted the piece with the structure of symphony, created a long enduring poem in 1911. 
The combination of East meet West in 1911 has elevated modern post-rock into a whole new level.

As an instrumental album, 1911 stirs not only emotions but expands the capacity & open our unlimited imagination.

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