“X Your Dream” Charity Concert

LiveMusic - Rock

  • Fri 08-03-2013 10:00 PM - 2 h

Fringe Dairy

$150 (advance), $180 (on the day) includes one special drink


Fringe Box Office



Magic glue
Blood YMCA Ayatomo. The magic glue of Hong Kong is a full entertainment music unit, songs, funny anti-intellectualism, Collection of multinational culture, style one, such as: dance music, punk, classic rock, rap and other elements, often the audience reluctant to leave, enjoyable .
We are MUTE! Mute the world's noise, Just listen to our music. We will play different types of music, including the band's original songs.
The Flame
A keen street performances and cultural music-man team, committed to promoting the street culture, hoping for a public space to add a little more artistic color.
D-crew can the membership book music relieve stagnation, where everyone lives so that we find resonance from life with. Music is no boundary, D-crew to express the concept of alternative rap, rap elements into different types of music, let the music and the dream of freedom in the flow of life!

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