Saxophone K.M. & Friends Funk Jazz Bossa Night

拉闊 - 音樂會,爵士音樂

  • (六) 04-03-2023 8:00 PM - 2 小時


$320, $290 (藝穗會會員) ;票價包一杯飲品


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With jazz, pop, rock and classical backgrounds from all walks of life, a group of virtuoso musicians, who traveled to different countries to shaping themselves, have specially formed the Saxophone K.M. Band after a spark of creativity.  Jacky Cheung's lead saxophonist Minguel Mike Inot and a unique saxophonist Kitty Ng of a younger generation formed this saxophone duo challenge.  Guest musicians: Gloria Tang, the queen of hi-fi records; Lawrence Tsui, the founder of GIG Studio and an authoritative concert drummer; Skip Moy, a virtuoso guitarist in the jazz scene; Rusty, a rising star and stylish bassist from Australia; Paul Chan, a skillful blues and jazz keyboardist.
There will be also other mysterious guest musicians in this show.
1) Saxophone: Kitty Ng
Kitty has accomplished countless performances and love to traveled around the world with her saxophone. Kitty Ng graduated from the University of Arts London - MA, and was awarded the Royal School of Music Saxophone grade 8 and Trinity College Performance diploma with merit. She started learning music at primary school stage, and at the age of 13, she received several awards at inter school music competitions and played as soloists at different performances. From 2003 to 2004, she performed as a saxophone soloist for the Hong Kong Millenium Youth Orchestra MYO in Beijing and Hong Kong. Other awards that she received includes the 2003 Yamaha Winds Music Competition Solo Bronze Award, the Best Stage Performance Award and the 2005 Asian Beats Competition 1st runner-up. She later learned jazz music from Tim Wilson at APA Academy of Performing Arts, and jazz music theory from Tommy Ho.
Kitty Ng is active in various music performances. She has collaborated and recorded with many renowned musicians, pop singers and vocalists, and performed for film scorings. She has also accomplished solo recordings and performances for some commercials and music groups at venues ranging from Time square (HK) to various concert halls, and performed at different music festivals in Hong Kong, Beijing and Xiamen, as well as different stages in London…
2)Saxophone :Miguel Mike Inot
Master Saxophone Player (Alto, Tenor, Clarinet and Flute)
Modern Jazz & Pop player/ Self-studied
•Concert Musician
•Performed in various Canto-pop concerts, shows and recordings
Jacky Cheung's "A Classic Tour" 2016-2019
Jacky Cheung's "CENTURY TOUR 1/2 Jacky Cheung 2010-2013
Jacky Cheung's "A Year of Jacky Cheung" 2007
Private Corner Live concert and Performances
香港頂尖音樂家Mr. Miguel "Mike" S. Inot
技能-薩克斯風吹奏者(中音、男高音、單簧管和 長笛)薩克斯即興演奏/ 現代音樂演奏 ・
張學友的“ A Classic Tour" 2016-2019
"CENTURY TOUR 1/2" 2010-2013 A Year of Jacky Cheung" 2007
2010 1/2 (Jacky Cheung)
.2010Century Tour 1/2 - Jacky Cheung
3) Guitar: Skip Moy
Skip Moy Long-time members of Hong Kong's jazz scene will need little introduction to guitarist Skip Moy. He's not only one of the city’s known guitarist and musician but is also known as a pre-eminent audio engineer and production specialist. Skip was given a Mickey Mouse guitar at the tender age of 4, which marked the beginnings into a life of music. Later on He later taught himself to play from songs he heard on the radio. During the early days he began playing with a few friends – including Hong Kong’s own jazz pianist and arranger Ted Lo - in earnest, they even entered talent shows, and appeared on TV. Skip's love for jazz guitar started by listening to his main influences :Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Howard Roberts as he was growing up. While attending college he joined the university jazz band and had opportunities to perform alongside jazz luminaries such as Clark Terry, Roy Burns and many others. There was a brief musical hiatus when he returned to Hong Kong and began setting up his career in audio engineering and event production, but it wasn't long before he picked up the guitar again. For Skip, it is not just about the music alone. It's a lifestyle, and a creative life force. The music is a language which facilitates communication and the exchanging of ideas with likewise individuals and fellow musicians. Skip performs solo and with ensembles in Hong Kong, and has been featured on several recordings, in print media, TV and radio programs. Early Performances have been with the Platters, jazz trumpeter Eddie Henderson; The Singapore F1 races with H.K.artist Hanjin, The Hong Kong Wine and Food Festivals. The Works, and the RTHK Festival by the Sea series. His work history also includes diverse Audio and Production works with some of the worlds’ most known personalities. Ranging from Former US president George Bush Sr.,to Rnb diva Chaka Khan, The Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue, and Duran Duran. Including pioneering guitar artists Larry Coryell, Mike Stern, and Alan Holdsworth, The king of Singapore Swing- Jeremy Monterio, along with Ernie Watts. Included are a wide range of Corporate and private events including The Hong Kong Handover and the Macau Handover Celebrations.
4) Drums: Lawrence TSUI
Lawrence Tsui began learning the piano and drum set at a young age. He won the Best Drummer award at YAMAHA’S Asian Beat competition in 2000 and 2001. After graduating from university, Tsui became a professional drummer and has since appeared in hundreds of pop shows and concerts. He has collaborated with numerous artists in live concerts and studio recordings.
After joining the Hong Kong fusion band SIU2 in 2011, Tsui has contributed to three of the band’s record releases and also represented Hong Kong in different international music festivals. In 2012, Tsui founded GIG Studio, a professional recording studio offering online drum music recording services, which was the first of its kind in China. It has made over 1000 recordings of pop songs by various artists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries. He also took part in making soundtrack music for movies. He has also produced records for various singers and bands as well as for songs. He is currently the endorser for Zildjian Cymbals and Craftsman Drum Sticks in Hong Kong.
5) Singer: Gloria Tang
學歷:Master of Visual Arts (Hong Kong Baptist University) Degree in BBA (Lingnan University) 語言:廣東話、國語、英文 嗜好:電影、畫畫、攝影 樂器:鋼琴 (八級)、電子琴 (五級)、結他
有「Hi-Fi碟小天后」的美譽,對音樂非常有熱誠的天生音樂人 一直為多個演唱會作和聲演出及唱過無數膾炙人口廣告歌 並以獨立歌手身份推出多張專輯 2012年加盟「環星娛樂」,由獨立歌手轉攻Hi-Fi碟市場 多年來,共出版了超過10張Hi-Fi大碟,隱佔市場前列位置 參與每年8月的Hi-Fi界盛事「香港高級視聽展」 多次獲得年度十大本地最暢銷唱片及Hi-Fi歌手大獎 2019年10月15日舉行「歌莉雅gloriAlive音樂會」,全埸爆滿 翌年1月「歌莉雅gloriAlive音樂會」現場錄製靚聲版正式推出 2020年推出玻璃CD,收錄16首歌莉雅精選歌曲,反應熱烈 2021年推出精選MQA CD,並收錄2首新歌
6) Bass: Rusty
Rebekah Wishart, affectionately known as Rusty, is an electric and double bass player, singer, songwriter and music teacher who started on the Hong Kong music scene at the age of 15, encouraged by her mentor, the legendary American bassist Flynn Adams. While living in Kunming from age 16 to 18, she formed the six piece Cuban folk and salsa group, Guarapo. During her time in China, Rusty was invited to perform at the 2014 Shanghai JZ Festival with Chinese pop singer Huang Xibei. At the JZ Festival she was further inspired by her experience attending a masterclass with jazz bassist Marcus Miller. In 2021 she completed her degree in jazz performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where she was trained by Brazilian jazz bassist Mario Caribé and world renowned saxophonist Tommy Smith OBE, and discovered a passion for Brazilian music, songwriting and Scottish folk music.
7) Keyboard: Paul Chan
“Born and raised in Hong Kong, Paul is a self-taught and passionate keyboardist shaped with musical influences from Bill Evans, Chick Corea and Antonio Carlos Jobim. He has been performing jazz and blues music at various local bars and restaurants, private shows, staged concerts and music festivals for the past decade. Paul is currently the keyboardist for a blues band which has recently released an album featuring Hong Kong’s jazz guitar legend Eugene Pao”


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