The Shadow’s dance – Rebel Cello Tour #23 – by Rafael Kalil (Brazil)

拉闊 - Music

  • (一) 08-05-2023 7:45 PM - 1 小時 45 分


$228 (Early Bird until 28 Apr 2023)




It´s part of the reflection and resumption of all the artistic construction, exchange and international network that Rafael has dedicated himself to in recent years.
The Shadow´s dance is a call for reconciliation, not only personally but collectively, people, and especially artists who have suffered great losses, both personal and professional, in these 2 years in which the artistic sector has been hit by the pandemic. A vision that goes against their shadows, fears and pains where we seek reconciliation in full, when the individual manifests the ability to transmute into a full and balanced being, with the ability to compose a strong and transforming collective, the change that begins from the inside out that is contagious and eradicates, awakening not only all your power but also that of others around you. 
Rafael Kalil 
He began to study music at the age of 4 when he started studying the violin in Rio de Janeiro. He went through many instruments, such as piano, flute and trombone in addition to the cello and the Indian sitar.
In his artistic career he played in traditional and popular orchestras, always inspired by new trends and technologies. When he moved to Amsterdam, in search of a new language with a more genuine aesthetic signature, he joined the cello associated with pedal technology and guitar devices to improve his aesthetics and style. With success, he integrated influences from Classical to Rock n Roll to his repertoire. He passed through Cairo, Egypt, to learn oriental music and absorb African influences at the same time. In Europe, in cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Glasglow, Edinburgh and London, he had the opportunity to participate in several projects and artistic residencies in Hong Kong, Mexico, Guatemala etc. Until his journey was interrupted by the Pandemic where Rafael Kalil was stuck in India for 6 months and had an immersion in the traditions of Hindu culture and Indian music.

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