Exhibition of Creative Product Designs - Designers Howard Tan and Goh Hun Meng


George Town Festival & Fringe Club
  • Wed 24-06-2015 to Fri 26-06-2015

Fringe Vault

Free admission


Exhibition of creative product designs by Howard Tan and Goh Hun Meng.

Howard Tan - Photographer and Product Designer

Howard photographs Penang. They are mostly the place where he works, loves and lives; from the old buildings, the people, the streets, to the wandering cats. Howard also makes and designs products which carry his own labels. These products range from postcards, coasters, bags and accessories. The products are inspired by his own photographs and traditional crafts of Malaysia. Howard's work are shown in several galleries in Penang as well as galleries in Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

Goh Hun Meng - Designer

Goh Hun Meng was born in George Town, Penang. Trained in graphic design at Equator Academy of Art, Penang, he is passionate about art, design, photography, acting and cultures. He ran Panca Design, a graphic design firm, before co-founding OTTOKEDAI, a space producing and selling creative products witha special emphasis on local culture.

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