We'll Survive!


We'll Survive!

We've lived through SARS, GFC, and weeks when plumbing gone bust. But we never had to shut down like we do now. To say the least, this is unprecedented for everyone.
But we'll survive. As they say, what didn't kill you would make you strong. For the past months, we're not only preparing for the bad times, we're also preparing for times when we get out of this terrible mess. Sure that we'll be poorer, but happier and wiser.  During the past months we've formed a meaningful partnership with Chef Umberto and Julia Bombana, and their very capable team. We learned how to create an elegant as well as functional restaurant we've found in Nove@theFringe. We've been preparing to reinstate our roof, and launch two big projects in 2021. Meanwhile, though all our theatres are closed, we keep Colette Artbar, Cafe Vault, and Nove, our new dimsum paradise, open. Do come, we love to see you again, of all times.
From Benny and all of us at the Fringe


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