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A Love Poem

A Love Poem 
What about me? 
What about me?
You said you love me
You told the world you do
But you'd rather stay away
Than to be with me
You said you love me
But there're ideas 
Bigger than you and me
Inside your prison cell
At least you know who you are
Secure in your own belief
That your fight will not be in vain
One day our country will be free
That your sacrifice won't be in vain
But what about me? What about me?
Out there in the night
When it thunders and rains
All that I want 
Is to be with you
Safe from the world
And those daily chores
You know history will make you great
One day, beside you, maybe me, too
Our names are tied together forever
They may even build us a statue or two
But out there in the night
When I feel like a woman
All that I want is you
by BC 

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