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Green Salad - Yasi


Green Salad - Yasi


on green threads naked strands pour layers of time

freshly washed bright ’n shiny and all that crispness

in the greasy hubbub look for a curled leaf

open up its perplexing colour and find resentment

listen closely and know that is sadness

no longer love the colourful? the pieces too hard

sit here quietly drink up life loneliness

taste this tender leaf bland captivating


yesterday’s passion now an empty seat

as if the rusty purple has rusted into new colour

swaying shadows red-sauce noise

layer upon layer underneath it all what else is there

sharing the table could mean not sharing the way home

clusters of dawn dew on leaves worlds apart

banquets blossoms bloom and fade this we know

carved in gold and jade words cannot say it all


knife and fork pick up strands of old entanglement

lean red fat green diluted bitter cabbage

shaggy shoots of bamboo love the yellow pepper

not fond of sweet and glutinous then there’s hot and spicy

cloves of human relationship hide you and me

on a road so long oranges taste like durian

separated by acres of corn here we meet again

light and shadow dancing oh stop this glass this wine


shallow plates teach us how to chew deeply

dabs of rouge make up some old-time grandeur

all around sounds of chatter new and upbeat

neon light a thousand leaves conversation turns cold

when you speak soundless of licorice of almond yellow

experience from thick to thin is slowly re-tasted

these days more than ever I love this fresh bitterness

holding so many broken pieces in no particular order



(Poem by Leung Ping-kwan, A new translation by Luo Hui)


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